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A New Life[1] is the first episode of Apple and Onion. The episode first aired on February 23, 2018, along with "The Perfect Team".[1]

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Apple and Onion are seperately sent off to a new life in the city by their respective parents. Apple is to find an apartment that is ready for him through a map, while Onion has free housing waiting through his job at Fun Co. Upon making it to the city, the two find that what can go wrong will go wrong, and eventually find their journies intertwined.

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At the start of the episode, Apple and his parents are at the train station watching a train stop there. Next, Apple mentions he can't believe he is doing what his parents did. Leaving home and going to a new place. Then, Apple's Dad gives Apple an address, and mentions his old friend Falafel has a place for him to live. After that, when Apple asks what to do with the rest of his life, his mom says to do what he's always done. Take it one step at a time and he'd find his way. Then Apple folds up the address really small and puts it in his backpack. After that, Apple and his parents start singing and dancing to the "One Step at a Time" song, and the conductor, Water, blows the train horn, then he yells at them to get on, so Apple hugs his parents and boards the train, and while on the train, sings "One Step at a Time."

Next, the story goes over to the bus stop where Onion and his parents are. When the train comes, Onion mentions how he still can't believe nobody came to say goodbye, but changes his mind when mentioning he can believe it because he has no friends, then he laughs, which makes his dad say that he's Onion's friend, and so is his mom. After that, his dad mentions it's an exciting new chapter for Onion, because he has a new job at Fun Co. and a place to live. But he mentions he is most looking forward to having new friends. Then Onion says he will make so many friends, they won't know what hit them, and hugs his parents and leaves. When on the bus, Onion sees Hoagie, who is reading, and looks at his book, then says "Reading." Which makes Hoagie turn away and say why do they always sit next to me. Next, while looking at the window, he sings "I Will Make Friends."

On the next scene, both Apple's train, and Onion's bus are shown moving, and arriving at the same station. When Apple is shown, he is amazed by the city, looking at a fire hydrant, opening of train doors, a parking meter, a red street light, and a green street light, a sign by the parking meter that says whoa, and 2 pieces of gum playing Hide and Seek. Then, as Apple is running to explore the city, he stops himself and looks at Falafel's address, and when he hears the sound of the ice cream truck, he goes over to it, where Onion is buying ice cream for his boss. As Onion leaves, Apple buys 11 ice creams, and pulls money out of his sock where he stores it. After that, Apple sees Bacon sweating, or in this case, greasing on the floor, and puts ice cream on her. And Apple starts running as the ice cream truck leaves with his backpack and Falafel's address. Then, Onion is showed looking at Fun Co. which when zoomed out, is on a TV screen. When Onion sits, his boss' ice cream rapidly melts, and he touches his boss, Instant Coffee's arm on accident when called friend, and goes to dry clean his coffee cup sleeves, or he would lose his job. And people eat food at his welcome party. And Onion sings a slightly tweaked version of "I Will Make Friends."

On the next scene, Apple is getting ice cream licked off his face by a dog, when he remembers Falafel's address, and runs at the sound of the ice cream truck when he remembers his backpack, and starts running, but he ends up by Pig in Blanket, who has an ice cream truck ringtone, and he asks Apple if he wants a custom portrait. And when Hot Dog asks Apple, he chooses a Super Extra Large portrait with the best paper, the best paint, and glitter. After the painting, the artist doesn't give Apple the portrait until he pays $75. All the money he has left in his sock, and he compliments Pig in Blanket for such a good portrait. When walking down the street, Apple realizes he spent all his remaining money.

When the scene changes, Onion is seen at Coin Laundry putting in Instant Coffee's cup sleeve. Whey Man can't clean his jerseys because his laundry machine doesn't work, and Onion lets him share his machine. On the next scene, Apple is in the playground dancing to a different-sounding version of "One Step at a Time." And when he sees children struggling to get a ball, he throws both his shoes up to get it, and gets it on the second shoe.

Then later, wh

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  • It's revealed that Apple and Onion used to live with their parents, until they started moving in the city.

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  • When Bacon says "Hey, it's you!", her left hand is disconnected from her body.

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