Apple is one of the main protagonists and titular character of the Cartoon Network series Apple & Onion. He is currently living in a small house on top of an apartment building. with his with his roommate and best friend Onion.

Appearance Edit

Pilot Edit

Apple has the same appearance of an apple, with red and bright red contrasts, as well as 3 freckles on his white cheeks, black eyes, a twig at the top, and lime leaf on his head. He also wears two socks with one sock that falls down, and white Shoes.

Final Edit

Apple has a new asset now. He now has his cheeks has maroon, with red bright red contrasts, as well as 3 freckles, black eyes, a twig at the top, and a green leaf on his head. He also wears a sock that falls down, and white shoes.

Personality Edit

Apple is portrayed as a child-like, fun-loving person who loves his friends and likes helping other people with their problems. Similarly to Onion, he is open minded, and isn't afraid to share his opinion with others. Sometimes apple can be bluntly real, but is always there to make it up to his friends.

Trivia Edit

  • His stem and leaf produce a bell-like sound, as heard in "The Perfect Team" when he used it to get Cat's attention.
  • His stem can be pushed down in order to drain water from him.
  • When a bite is taken out of him (such as from a duck's in "Block Party") he can put his feet in soil and water himself to grow it back. This may be true for other food characters.
  • Him and Onion's favorite game is "Bottle Catch."
  • Him and Onion work at The Dollar Store.
  • Him and apple live in the roof of Falafel's building.
  • It's revealed that his eyes are green, according to Pig in Blanket's drawing in "4 on 1".
  • In "Pancake's Bus Tour", it can be shown that when Apple is very sentimental about his shoes, as Onion bought them for him and himself in "A New Life".
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