Season 1 (2016-2018)  Edit

Episode Title Plot Aired
0 Apple & Onion (Pilot) Apple and Onion are Invited to Hot Dog's party but they've still got some growing up to do                        May 14, 2016
1 A New Life


Things don't go quite right when Apple and Onion arrive in the city, but luckily they find each other.

February 23rd, 2018

2 The Perfect Team


When a stray cat    comes along, Onion fears his relationship with Apple is jeopardized.

February 23th, 2018

3 Tips Apple and Onion want to go on a hot air balloon ride, but to do so they will need to raise $200 by the end of the day March 2nd, 2018
4 Falafel's Fun Day Falafel is leaving the city, so Apple and Onion try to fix things by giving him the funnest day possible. March 2nd, 2018
5 Apple's in Trouble When someone threatens to beat up Apple, he and Onion must find the origin of this bad mood domino chain. March 9th, 2018
6 4 on 1 Onion is skilled at basketball, but will his fear of crowds make him lose the tournament? March 9th, 2018
7 Hot Dog's Movie Premiere Apple and Onion try to sneak into a movie premiere to support Hot Dog, but a chicken nugget cop won't let them. March 16th, 2018
8 Bottle Catch

Apple and Onion's favorite game attracts some unexpected attention.

March 16th, 2018
9 Pancake's Bus Tour

Apple loses his shoe, Onion and him go on a bus tour to wish upon a shoe-ting star for his shoe back.

March 23rd, 2018
10 Block Party

Apple and Onion have to outwit a mean duck who's taken over their building's roof.

            March 23rd, 2018        

Minisode / Shorts Edit

Episode Title Plot Aired
1 "Lift" Apple, Onion and Hoagie sing a song about an elevator ride while doing one together. February 11, 2018
2 "Buff Up My Head" Apple sings a song about buffing up his head and Onion decides to tag along with both of them not realizing they're going to be late bfor Burger's birthday party. March 11, 2018
3 "Nothing Else" Apple and Onion sing a song about objects that you could use other things for with surprising results, including themselves stucked in a box March 17, 2018
4 "Sleep" Apple and Onion goof around at nighttime when they should be sleeping. March 25, 2018
5 "Water" When Falafel is unable to fix Apple and Onion's water pipes, they take their time to appreciate what water has to offer wwhile singing a special song. April 1, 2018
6 "Car" When a car alarm goes off thanks to Cath Bugler, Apple and Onion decide to dance to it, and when Chicken Nugget sees this, Cath Bugler goes to jail. April 5, 2018
7 "Pizza Party" Apple and Onion sing a wiry, upbeat song in order to celebrate Pizza's birthday party with a smile. April 6, 2018
8 "Goodbye" Apple and Onion believe they're leaving their apartment forever, so they sing a goodbye song, but Falafel tells them that they're not leaving, they're just going to change the hat they bought him earlier. April 7, 2018

Trivia Edit

  • On July 17, 2018, the creator of the show, George Gendi confirmed that the show would continue with more episodes.[1] On May 20, 2019, it was announced that the second season will premiere in Fall 2019.[2]

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