Falafel is a recurring character in Apple & Onion, and is the friend of Apple's Dad, and the landlord of the building in which Apple and Onion currently reside in.

Appearance Edit

Falafel is a cream-colored tortilla, with two falafel rolls and a sliced green cucumber sticking out of it. His clothing attire attire consists of a white coat, brown pants, and dark-brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Falafel seems to be very helpful, as he usually helps fix everything in Apple and Onion's apartment. He can get a bit aggressive, whenever the two boys mess up stuff, like breaking the air conditioner, accidentally using his credit card to buy things, or wasting all the water. He is shown to care a lot about his family, as he really wanted to visit them in "Falafel's Fun Day".


Falafel is a nice man, who misses his family. He enjoys watching his TV shows because they remind him of his family. Like Apple and Onion, he left his family behind to start a new life in the city. This, as such, creates sort of a camaraderie between them.

Trivia Edit

  • The one thing that makes Falafel feel like he is at home is his favorite TV show.
  • He likes going to The Dollar Store.

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