Onion is one of the main protagonists and titular characters of the Cartoon Network series, Apple & Onion. He is currently living in a small house on top of an apartment building. with his with his roommate and best friend Apple.

Looks Edit

Onion is an light green onion. He wears glasses on his eyes and has two fluffy sprouts onion the top of his head. The only other things he wears is two white shoes and no socks.

Personality Edit

Onion has a more calm and intellectual personality, he's very happy most of the time. His friends are Apple, Falafel, Lemondrop, Beef Jerky, and French Fry. He is a fun person who can always make people smile. He loves French Fry and is sometimes awkward around her. His relationship with French Fry may not be canon, since from Episode 1 on, we have not seen French Fry or his interest in her. Onion can get jealous of people easily, as he did with Cat. He also enjoys playing basketball but gets nervous around crowds. There are not many episodes of this show released yet so there is likely more to be revealed about his personality.


  • He has a minor crush on French Fry. Though this is not confirmed to be canon, it was a minor part of the pilot episode.
  • He is actually a type of onion called a spring onion in Britain or scallion.
  • Onion has self-esteem issues, to the point where there where voices inside his head. We may see the voices return in future episodes, but no signs of confirmation were present through the animation team.
  • Unlike his best friend Apple, Onion's socks are not visible.
  • He is good like his best friend.
  • In "A New Life", it's revealed that he used to have a job at Fun Co, until he got fired for shrinking Instant Coffee's shirt, and turning it red.
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