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This unofficial pilot episode of Apple & Onion aired on May 3, 2016 on Cartoon Network and was uploaded to its official YouTube channel on May 11, 2016.

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Apple and Onion get invited to Hotdog's party but they've still got some growing up to do.

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Apple and Onion sing a song while waking up (at 5:49). Onion asks Apple why they're up so early, who says he wanted a time that rhymes with "wake up time." Onion suggests waking up at 8:49 instead.

The duo goes back to sleep, until woken up by the computer. They learn that they were invited to Hotdog's party, though not on purpose, as Hotdog takes them off the list but not before they print out the invitation. They find out French Fry is at it, whom Onion has a crush on. The duo wants to stand out and get French Fry's attention, so they go outside and practice their dancing.

Burger and French Fry walk down the street and up to Apple and Onion. Upon mentioning the party, Burger cuts French Fry off and tries to dissuade the duo from coming to the party, saying it's not a party with "balloons and toys" and instead "more grown up." Apple and Onion realize how child-like they are and decide to make themselves grow up. They go to the thrift store and sell all their toys and, with the money, go to the bank to open a bank account in an effort to start doing "grown-up things." However, Onion doesn't hold the bag up high enough, and the two begin to argue about how high to hold up the bag until Apple says, "That's not a hold up. THIS IS A HOLD UP!" which lands the duo in jail.

In jail, Apple and Onion meet Beef Jerky and tell him that they want to grow up, who tells them, from personal experience, that they should copy the grown-ups at the party in order to make themselves more grown up, and then flush them down the toilet to break them out.

They arrive at the party and begin copying others, but only end up making them feel embarrassed and, later on, creating a big mess when they think French Fry is competing to see who's the most hungry. Suddenly, the police arrive and begin to arrest Apple and Onion, until French Fry asks what's going on. Apple and Onion say that they were copying everyone to appear more grown up, but French Fry says that the reason they became friends was because they're really fun, and that they would be better off just being themselves.The duo dances at the party to make it up to the rest of the party guests and then stop to write to tell Beef Jerky what they learned.

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  • This is the unofficial pilot, and garnered over 2 million views.
  • It has received more than 1.7 million views on YouTube.
  • Birthday Cake will later be seen in Apple's in Trouble.
  • If this is canon, this would take place after "A New Life."
  • When Beef Jerky made himself look tough by copying others, he must have copied them around other people, rather than just whom he was copying. Apple and Onion just did it in front of whomever they were copying.
  • Chicken Nugget is not seen in this pilot. The cops are instead portrayed by a T-bone steak and a lamb chop.
  • Minor characters that are seen at Hotdog's party include:
  • Moral of the story: Just be yourself!

Errors Edit

  • When Apple and Onion wake up the second time, the clock says 1:24, though they said they would wake up at 8:49.
    • This could only be possible if Apple and Onion haven't set an alarm for 8:49 and slept more.
  • On the printed invitation for Hotdog's party, a character named "Birthday Cake" is seen, without any picture. She also isn't seen at the party either, although it could be possible that she didn't come to the party.

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