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The Perfect Team[1] is the second episode of Apple and Onion. The episode aired on February 23, 2018, along with "A New Life".[1]

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A stray cat causes Onion to fear that his friendship with Apple is jeopardy.

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The episode opens with Apple and Onion playing a game on their computer. They try to make it through Level 99, But Apple hears a meow from the window and checks it out. He realizes its a cat and names him Cat. Onion still wants to finish the game, but Apple just takes care of Cat.

The next day, Onion wakes Apple up, but he is still tired, so he decides to wait five more minutes. Unfortunately, it turned out to be 2:00 in the afternoon. And then Apple finally wakes up, so they can play the game. While they are playing, Cat rushes out of the bathroom because he is hungry. So, when Apple takes Cat out to eat, they get distracted for a long time, making Onion jealous. When they finally get back home, Onion wants Apple to play the game, Apple decides to watch the sunset with Cat.

After the sunset is over, Onion wants Apple to play the game, but Apple first has to tuck him in to bed, and then after that, Onion asks if he can play, but Apple is already asleep, so he decides to complete the game on his own.

Later that night, Onion kepps trying to complete the game, but keeps failing. When Onion starts shouting, he accidentally takes off his swim cap, causing Cat to wake up and attack him, making him pull the plug, thus bringing him back to Level 1.

Now that Onion is fed up with Cat, he decides to paint his swim cap red, add a piece of wood, and some green cloth in the shape of a leaf, making Cat think that he is Apple, so Onion runs to the park, while being chased by the Cat, and takes off the swim cap, and puts it on a rock nearby. Then Onion calls a taxi, and the taxi driver takes him back home.

The next morning, Apple wakes up, and decides to feed Cat some milk, but can't find him anywhere. Apple asks Onion when was the last time he saw Cat, he tells him that he saw him at the park last. Apple tells him the Cat would never do that. Onion asks him how he would know about it. Apple and Onion go to the park, and Apple spots the swim cap on the rock from last night, he tells Onion that he knows, since Cat usually sleeps on his head. Onion tries to stop him from touching the swim cap, but it's too late as Apple already knows what Onion has done.

A second later, Cat meows from the freeway, and Apple & Onion try to save him, by getting a driver's attention, but fails. So they try using the techniques from the game they played, and it's a success. So, when the three go back home. They find Cat (whose real name is Sooty)'s real owner and they return Cat back to his original location. Onion asks what they should do, and Apple smiles towards the camera.

Back at home, they finally complete the final level, and do their "victory dance" and the episode ends.

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  • Apple & Cat are doing the Apple and Onion intro. Plus, Onion is replaced by Cat.
  • Apple & Onion also break the fourth wall by staring at the audience. And when Onion asks Apple why he didn't say anything.
  • He also breaks the fourth wall by saying "Ah! What's that?"

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  • Despite Cat attacking Onion whenever his hair is shown, he is shown not doing anything to Onion in future episodes, like the episode "Bottle Catch."

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