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Tips is the 3rd episode of Season 1 of Apple & Onion and the 3rd episode overall.


Apple and Onion have to find a way to ride the hot air balloon which is in their town for one day only.




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  • When Apple and Onion are counting the money, they say there is $1.57, but every time after this they say $1.53.
    • It's possible they've just lost 4 cents while discussing Apple's clue paper.
    • This is a British show, so it doesn't make sense that they would use American currency anyways.


  • During the Have Some Tips song, when Strawberry Milkshake is eating her sandwich, her drink is right next to the ketchup bottle, but in the closeup scene, her drink is across from the ketchup bottle.


"Tips, tips, tips, tips, tips... Tips, tips, tips, tippy, tippy, tip, tip, tips!"

"Clue! Nothing."


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